Calthorpe Park - Football Activities - Saturdays 1-3 pm

As part of our commitment and the increasing demands for sports and physical activities in the local community, Bright Future Association have decided to cater for that demand and expanded our services to benefit as many children as possible in the city on Birmingham.      Activity Venues: 

Balsall Heath Park:    Saturdays  11 - 1 pm                                                       Calthorpe Park:          Saturdays    1 - 3 pm

We will coniue to expand our serives to as many site as possible in the coming months and years. Our aim is to make a difference in the comminuty and build a brighter and healthier generation.









Community-Green-Days - (CLOSED)

Bright Future Association is offering Balsall Heath residents a nature based activities such as trips and planting days, this is a great chance for children, young people men & women to come closer to nature and see different elements of the wildlife.

We believe this is a great way to connect the community with nature, develop new generation of nature-lovers and build a greener, brighter and healthier community.

Our activities will be on 3 field events which will include:

1 - Nature Centre Visits:- This will allow people to see and learn about small animals and their habitat in the nature centre and take a walk around the park exploring the wonderful green parts of nature such as trees, flowers and some rare plantations. 

2 - Planting days:- Using planting activities in local allotments will allow children, young people, men and women to experience how to plant and grow vegetation in their gardens, learn about where food comes from and a great chance to connect more with nature.

3 - Coastal Trips: - Trips to the seaside to explore the mother nature and the wildlife in its natural state and go for a walk expeditions and tours around the coast and enjoy the fantastic surroundings.

Through participation in multiple nature-based activities, Bright Future Association aim to improve community's awareness, understanding of environmental and nature conservation issues, develop greener citizens that appreciate and value the environment.  




Please return your completed application form to any of these locations:

-  Bright Future Association

- Sports & Local  - 194 Edward Road  


For More Information Please Contact:
- Mobile:  0789 653 1624
- E-mail :  brightfuture1@live.com