Bright Future Association's Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of our activities. Without the time, dedication and commitment from the volunteers we would simply not exist.

We will continue to recruit volunteers over the age 16 plus and engage a new generation in taking the leading role, serving their communities and encourage an active citizenship. Our aim is to encourage and support volunteers to acquire the confidence, knowledge and skills to begin and continue an involvement in sports or community leadership, either in a voluntary or paid capacity.

If you’re thinking of volunteering in your spare time, then why not join us and help these activities develop in your area? Bright Future Association will highly appreciate volunteers time & effort and rewards them accordingly.

The FA also recognise and value volunteers contribution and offers an ongoing support for those involved in sport.


football train

DOOR STEP - Project   (2015)

Bright Future Association in partnership with Active Park Lives will be delivering Football Activities every Friday at Calthorpe Park, Balsall Heath, B12 9LP.

These activities are designed for perdominantley young people age 14 - 24 years old and engage them in positive activities.





RISING STARS  -  (2011 - 2014)

Following the successful 5 months of professional Football Coaching and Training for children and young people in the community, we are now organising 6-A-Side Football Leagues which will give young people yet another 3 months of compatitive football so they can put their skills into practice and demonstrate their playing abilities.

We see this project as an investment in the future by developing players to become football champions able to carry on this legacy once the project come to an end. 



Literacy & Numeracy Classes:

A large number of the new generation are in danger of being left illiterate and deprived of basic educational tools. We at Bright Future Association recognize that every individual is entitled to a good education, therefore we will be providing literacy and numeracy classes for boys and girls in the next couple of months. Notification of this project will be advertised in the local media very soon.


football train

Due to a large intensity of young generations and the increasing demand of sports and other physical activities in the community, Bright Future Association has responded to that demand by launching RISING STARS-2 football project, it offers children and young people free access to 3 months of professional football coaching sessions followed by 3 months of football league. We currently have 3 distinct age groups (6-10yrs  11-13yrs  & 14-18 yrs old). These football sessions take place every Saturday at Balsall Heath Park (Taunton Road, B12).

This is a priceless opportunity for boys and girls who are passionate about football and would like to improve their skills and abilities. Our aim is to provide local children and young people with a high level of football coaching sessions  and develop their basic skills and techniques with the hope that some may achieve the phenomenal success of famous football stars like Messi or Ronaldo...etc!!!

Nature Project

There is an extraordinary disengagement of the natural environment from all residents in our communities. Due to their restricted lifestyles they fear anything outside their living perimeters, many are from large families and suffer from extreme deprivation. All these social components lead to further complications in to the lives of these families.

Nature project will be designed to encourage ordinary citizens, particularly children and youth, to become interested in nature and possibly incorporate it into their regular routine. Throughout the project we will get everyone involved in nature educational activities, volunteering, helping to conserve nature & protect wildlife or indeed helping each other to connect with nature whether it is in a remote natural area or right in their backyard.

The aim is to connect the community with nature, develop new generation of nature-lovers and build a greener, brighter and healthier community. Through participation in multiple nature-based activities, we aim to improve community’s awareness, understanding of environmental and nature conservation issues as well as developing greener citizens that appreciate and value the environment.

Football Coaching For Under 18's

football train

Football coaching for children and young people has began twice a week on Balsall Heath Park and The Red Gra Pitch of Balsall Heath Road). This initiative will give young people a chance to explore their talents and develop their skills and techniques further.

A tremendous opportunity for children and young people in our community, to participate in this project - Courtesy of Bright Future Association.