Sports Activities (Indoor) - Calthorpe Academy, Highgate, B12 0TP   

Bright Future Association is continuing to make positive and significant difference in the local community. Through our regular Football Training Sessions we aim to develop players Technically, Tactically, Physically, Psychologically and Socially (TTPPS) that reflect our curriculum standard. We provide young players with a core skill set and capabilities to cope with the demands of semi or professional football as well as an exit strategy for those who are not quite ready or have yet to make significant improvements.

Balsall Heath has a predominately large young community with an increasing need of sports and other physical activities. With a very limited provision in the region that has contributed to the rise of antisocial behaviour.  We at Bright Future Association decided to cater for these demands and have expanded our range of activities to meet the needs of all citizens regardless of their faith or race and made them compatible with their own interests, skills and goals. We also offer training and other social development skills to the most excluded and vulnerable communities in the region. This is to broaden and build aspirations of these young people and helping them to achieve their full potential to lead fuller and successful lives. 

Our Vision  

Revolutionaries sports in the region and upgrade them with a touch of modern transformations. Develop greener and healthier communities that appreciate the value of the natural environments.

Our Goal

The real goal of Bright Future Association is to use physical activities as a fun forum to instil our youth with an extra confidence, co-ordination, control and sense of camaraderie; which we feel will stand them in very good stead for the future.

Improve community's awareness and understanding of environmental & nature conservation issues, engaging local people to connect with nature, use open green spaces, encourage recycling and improve their overall quality of life.

Mission statement

Provide opportunities to build and strengthen community cohesion structure. Enable community youth to contribute towards meeting the needs of their neighbourhood and take an effective action and a leading role in their communities.

News & Events


Fridays 6 - 8 pm



Every Friday 6 - 8 pm


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Balsall Heath Park

Football Coaching.   

Sat 1:00 - 3:00pm


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Nature Trips & Activities  

Promoting Nature in the Community.

((Now On))

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Football Coaching - May -2014

Football Coaching/league for

Children 6-13yrs  & 14-18yrs.

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